The fall season has begun and now the university students need to come back to campus to learn again in this new semester. But, shocking news came from the administrators of Temple University. They stated that the in-person classes will be dismissed although the class has already started. Here’s what happened.

Coronavirus Among the Students
The Fall semester has just begun at Temple University. Lots of classes have begun the learning process on August 24, 2020. However, a week later, the classes were dismissed. The main reason why this happens is because around 103 students are tested positive for the coronavirus. Many of the students tested positive, and the university suspected that off-campus gatherings had caused the numbers to spike up.

The university also stated that they didn’t really see social distancing within the campus, but they made sure that the students wore masks. Due to this problem, the university decided to dismiss the classes for two weeks and change into online classes. Hopefully, the decision will help to minimize the case of coronavirus among the students. You can also minimize cases of coronavirus by study online at home.

Classes During Outbreak
Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the university will change the in-person classes into the online one. The universities added that now almost 95% of the classes are conducted online. However, for the rest, there will be a mix of online and in-person classes. You can still see and communicate with other student and teacher while in online course.

The mixed classes will make the students come in person because there are things that cannot be conducted online. But, the students don’t need to come every time to attend the class because the in-person classes will only be conducted for some topics and if it can be conducted online, the students don’t need to come to the campus. You also don’t need to come to the class because you can always learn online from anywhere at any time.

The in-person classes are dismissed because of the rising case of the coronavirus among the students. The decision was taken to minimize the spread of the virus. However, some classes still conduct the in-person sessions because it is not possible to have only the online classes, but there are some conditions to meet.