Month: January 2019

Jan 28
Activities for University Students

Some kinds of Social Activities for University Students

Campus is not only place for study. It is true that the university students coming to the campus for study as their priority, but there are also some activities to follow since they also need to have some soft skills for their social life and other aspect. In this case, there are many kinds of […]

Jan 19

Some Common Social Activities Found in Campus and Universities

As college students, there can be many things to do. In this case, studying the lessons and subjects are important since it is the main goal of studying in the college. However, there are also many activities offered and provided by the colleges for the students. These kinds of activities are to make people create […]

Jan 11
Some Activities for Social Experiences

Some Activities for Social Experiences

There are many activities in universities. These are provided by the universities for the students so they can also be active in the organizations and other activities. These extracurricular activities also have role since this can help students to grow in other aspects of life, so they do not only advance in the academic or […]