Nice Facilities inside Temple University to Support Your Study

Nice Facilities inside Temple University to Support Your Study – Facility is number one priority that a campus has to think about for their students. That is because a campus with a lot of nice facilities usually born a lot of amazing students. The main reason is because all of those facilities help the students […]

Here Are 17 Majors You Can Learn at Temple University

Here Are 17 Majors You Can Learn at Temple University – Confused about what kind of majors you should choose in university? If that’s the case, then you can try choosing universities with broad major choices such as Temple University. • ArtsIn Tyler School of Art and Architecture, you will not only work on your […]

Pursue Higher Education at Temple University

Temple University is a public university situated in Philadelphia, United States of America. This once private university was built in 1884 by Russell Conwell, Baptist Minister. As the 28th biggest university in America, Temple University offers you a wide variety of majors including law, medicine, podiatry, dentistry, architecture, and pharmacy. Temple University is very large […]

Some Good Points to Get from Part-Time Job

It is so common and normal to find university or college students taking part-time jobs. There can be many reasons of it, and sometimes it is not only about money. In this case, of course there can be many benefits to get when students can find part-time jobs. Of course, you may also be interested […]

Some kinds of Social Activities for University Students

Campus is not only place for study. It is true that the university students coming to the campus for study as their priority, but there are also some activities to follow since they also need to have some soft skills for their social life and other aspect. In this case, there are many kinds of […]

Some Common Social Activities Found in Campus and Universities

As college students, there can be many things to do. In this case, studying the lessons and subjects are important since it is the main goal of studying in the college. However, there are also many activities offered and provided by the colleges for the students. These kinds of activities are to make people create […]

Some Activities for Social Experiences

There are many activities in universities. These are provided by the universities for the students so they can also be active in the organizations and other activities. These extracurricular activities also have role since this can help students to grow in other aspects of life, so they do not only advance in the academic or […]

Extracurricular Activities to Get Social Experiences in University

Studying in university may be dream of everyone. It is because there can be many things to learn and it Is not limited to the academic life. People can get many other things other than curricular things. They can also learn and prepare their life for the better future. In this case, the other things […]

Some Social Activities Found in University

Social life becomes one of the concerns in university level. Students in university level are no longer children or teenagers. They start to be mature in the way of thinking and feeling. That is why university is not only place to study many kinds of subjects and materials, but it is also place to become […]

Some Alternatives of Social Activities Found in University

As a student, learning is compulsory. It is even the goal in the school. When students are already in the university level, they still have to learn many kinds of things. The things are focused on some kinds of theme or topics of learning, since it is time to focus on personal interests. Moreover, university […]

Many Ways to Get Part-Time Jobs

It is normal to find university students looking for part-time jobs. There are many reasons of doing this and money is not the only reasons. There can be many opportunities to find. There can also be many ways to get the part-time jobs. Of course, there are many kinds of jobs to get. If you […]

Social Works and Other Part-Time Jobs to Take

Life of university students can be so interesting. it is so different from the time when you are still in the high school. Schedule may not be as full as in high school so there can be many free time to spend. However, there can be more things to think about and it is about […]

Benefits Working or Volunteering to Start Undergraduate Social Works for The United States Students

There are many activities in school that can improve your quality as the next employee. If you are social work students, joining in the volunteer program also can be the best start to build your careers in social work. Joining courses or volunteering will give you such a meaningful benefit toward your future advanced social […]

Top Jobs in Social Work With Great Salary That Most of the Students May Apply

The main important as a social worker is to give a meaningful contribution to the society. There are plenty of jobs in social work that can offer impressive compensation. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics ever says that a social work is the right place for those who are looking for well-paid. And, […]