Studying in university may be dream of everyone. It is because there can be many things to learn and it Is not limited to the academic life. People can get many other things other than curricular things. They can also learn and prepare their life for the better future. In this case, the other things are learnt through the extracurricular activities. There rea many kinds of activities and groups to join, so people can learn about many things, including about social life.

The experiences and skills obtained during the extracurricular activities can be so important for the future life when they have to be professionals. One of the common and popular activities to join is student government. This is so popular among students in university since this can be a complete package. People can make friends while learning about how to manage organization and other students. leadership and friendship can be obtained by joining this organization. Even, this is also so prestigious to join the student government.

Extracurricular Activities to Get Social Experiences in UniversityJoining student government is interesting, but there are also some students who do not really like this organization since things can be so formal and that is why there are also sport groups. These can be more interesting for some people since this does not make them stress with the meetings and other formal stuffs. In the sport group, they can play sport that they like and even they can also increase their skills. They can also have fun with the friends and this can be a good way to be free from the pressure of academic or curricular stuffs.

Then, there are also group of arts. This can be both groups and communities. These can be other alternative of extracurricular activities to follow. These are like sport groups, but these have different activities. There are music groups, dance groups, and even theatre groups. These can be found in university in these are quite popular since some people also need to express their life and even their emotion through arts.