Here Are 17 Majors You Can Learn at Temple University – Confused about what kind of majors you should choose in university? If that’s the case, then you can try choosing universities with broad major choices such as Temple University.

• Arts
In Tyler School of Art and Architecture, you will not only work on your techniques and media, but also how to implement your works to theory and historical contexts for pure arts and architecture. These major draw a lot of attention the way IDN Poker draws the attention of avid online games players.

• Business
Those who want to develop their leadership skills and learn about the digital global economy can learn from Fox School of Business programs. It helps you channel your knowledge to something rewarding.

• Dentistry
From Temple University, you can get a dentistry diploma by learning under Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry.

• Education
Temple College of Education Programs allow students to combine real experience, practice, and research to lead the educational world – be it as scholars, administrators, or teachers.

• Engineering
Temple College of Engineering includes research and practical skills in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), water resources engineering, and network securities.

• Law
Choose Beasley School of Law to learn professional skills such as the knowledge or the law, its role in real life, legal analysis, reasoning, and law in the global context.

• Liberal Arts
Get seminar-style classes, independent research, service opportunities, and internships while learning critical-thinking and its implementation from the College of Liberal Arts.

• Media and Communication
Learn communication, digital media innovations, and how to implement analytical and theoretical knowledge in dynamic urban contexts in Lew Klein College of Media and Communication.

• Medicine
Push boundaries and be the leader in the medical industry by attending Lewis Katz School of Medicine.

• Music and Dance
Obtain performance opportunities and study under world-class composers, choreographers, performers, and conductors in Boyer College of Music and Dance.

• Pharmacy
In Temple School of Pharmacy, you can choose a research-intensive or a professional degree depending on the career you want to choose.

• Podiatric Medicine
Obtain real experiences of treating, training, and using the latest technology in Foot and Ankle Institute by learning in the School of Podiatric Medicine.

• Public Health
Get real practice experience and use it to address local welfare and public health issues in the College of Public Health programs.

• Science and Technology
Develop research and practical skills through lectures, fieldwork, and internships in the College of Science and Technology.

Here Are 17 Majors You Can Learn

• Social Work
Learn how to solve social problems through hands-on experience from the School of Social Work Programs.

• Sport, Tourism, and Hospitality Management
Those who are interested to dabble in tourism, sport, and hospitality management can choose the program.

• Theater, Film, and Media Arts
Learn how to direct, act, design sets, making films, and conduct theater production in School of Theater, Film, and Media Arts,
Broad choices mean more opportunities. If you don’t know which major to choose, you can explore the majors one by one and see what fits your interest especially in University with broad choices.