University is the place to learn. There can be many things to learn and these are not limited to the academic or curricular things. University students can learn about many things. Even, it can be said that they are learning about life and preparing their life for their future. That is why there can be many activities and other things prepared by the universities for their students, so they can be accommodated in developing themselves. In this case, activities and organizations can be chosen by the students based on their own preference or interest.

It is true that there are many activities and organizations to find. When students are in the early semester and they are still freshmen, they will be introduced to these organizations and events or activities, so they can start to join one of them since they are still in the early semester. In this case, students who love art can join many kinds of art groups. There are music, dance, theatre and other groups related to arts. Students will be able to choose specific groups based on what they want to choose. They have freedom to choose. In this case, they will learn about many skills related to the art. They can also make friends and learn about other things.

If they love sports, they can also join or sport groups. it is not only for the skillful students, but this is for all students who want to learn. Even, it is very common to find some people who only want to join sports because they want to play games and release the stress from the academic stuffs. In this case, students learn about skills in certain sport. They can also learn about the management of emotion and relation, and even conflict since students may face some conflicts with friends and these are normal to find.

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