There are many activities in universities. These are provided by the universities for the students so they can also be active in the organizations and other activities. These extracurricular activities also have role since this can help students to grow in other aspects of life, so they do not only advance in the academic or curricular life.

There are many activities and for people who want to make friends and have such a social experience, they can join as volunteers in some social services. Students can be part of the volunteers in certain events or they can also become member of certain social groups in the university. It is quite common to find this kind of group, so it is not hard to do. Outside the campus, there are also some organizations like that have concern in social services.

If it is about making friends and friendship, there are other groups and activities to join. For example, students can join in certain groups in university. Sport groups become one of the groups provided by the university. These can be suitable for students who love playing sports and they want to improve their skills in certain sports. This can also be a good way for them to release the stress coming from the academic burdens and other assignments. Playing sports with friends can be good way to socialize and make friends.

Then, there are also cultural events and activities in the university. There are also some groups based on certain culture and arts. These can also be good groups to join. These groups can be a good way to learn and know about other cultures. Students will be able to learn about various kinds of culture and they even can learn and understand about the diversity in cultural, racial, and ethnical backgrounds, so students can open up their mind about these diversities.