As a student, learning is compulsory. It is even the goal in the school. When students are already in the university level, they still have to learn many kinds of things. The things are focused on some kinds of theme or topics of learning, since it is time to focus on personal interests. Moreover, university students also have allocation for the social activities. This may be different from the elementary, middle, and high schools where all things are mostly about learning the subjects or lessons, but university students have complex activities and social activities are some of them. All universities have these kinds of activities as the effort to maintain balance in the growth and development of the students. It is because they need more than academic competences in real life. They also need social skills and these can be developed in the social activities provided by campus.

Actually, there are many kinds of social activities. There are many kinds of activities included in this category. It is because the main goal of the activities is to build and maintain relationship and good communication among students. Moreover, students in university have various backgrounds and it is very possible to find students from other countries. That is why social activities are needed to make students build and maintain great balances between academic and social aspects of life. In this case sports becomes one of the category for the social activities. It is quite unique since usually people think that sports are always about building the body and maintaining health. In facts, universities see that sports can be a good way to build interaction and communication. That is why there are many kinds of sports provided by campuses, such as football, basketball and other sports.

Then, there are also some group or communities in the campus that have concern in social and charitable actions. These groups can be a good place to build the social aspect of life. It is because the groups are dedicated to help others. There can be various kinds of communities and organizations and usually these are based on several topics, such as education, mitigation and disaster, poverty, and other themes. These can be a good place to get maturity in social life. Students can join as the volunteers or committees. There are many activities done by the communities and sometimes they work together with some non-governmental organizations that share the same concerns, so the works can also be more effective.