As university students, life can be so boring when it is only for academics. Things are not interesting when things are only for academics and that is why universities always have many social groups and activities. These are provided so students can also have other aspects of life to develop and it is not limited to the academic only. In this case, there are many activities to do and social services can be some of them. This kind of activity can be interesting and there are many organizations that provide chances for students to be volunteers in the social services. This can be good way to help others and grow empathy for other people. This can also be good way to get new friends.

Then, to get network of friends, joining groups of fraternity or sorority can be other way. This may be less popular in campus life, but in fact there are many groups and community for this. Some of them are groups based on certain interests, but there are also groups based on certain culture, origin, religions, and other things. It is fine to join this kind of group as long as those are good groups and they are about good actions. This can be a good way for some people who may have lack of confidence. Since they can share similar interest, it will be easier to make friends.

Some Alternatives of Social Activities in Campus

Then, there are sport groups that have always been so popular in all universities. Sport group is not limited for the skillful students in certain sport. The groups are also for students who want to learn. Even, it is very common to see students joining only to make new friends and have some fun. This can be good way to break boredom and stress coming from the academic life. Doing sport and making the body soaked in sweat are always great to release the pressure.

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