Campus is not only place for study. It is true that the university students coming to the campus for study as their priority, but there are also some activities to follow since they also need to have some soft skills for their social life and other aspect. In this case, there are many kinds of activities that can be a good way to maintain social life with the other students.

Maintaining relationship is important since later university students must also be able to communicate with others in their working environment. The first activity is campus government. There are many organizations in the campus made for students and there is also student government. This can be a good way to maintain relationship and make friends. The organization can be a good place to learn how to manage things and this can also be good place to maintain leadership skill.

Then, sports can be other place to build friendship and social life. It is always great to join sport group. There are many kinds of sport to choose and student can choose the most suitable sport that they like and they can play. It is fine although they are not able to play the sport perfectly. The group is not only for the experts, but it is also place to grow. The most important thing is to make friends. Usually, it is much easier to make friends in the group of sport since the members are nice and usually they do things for fun. It is not only good for the health, but it is also good for the friendship.

Of course, for the social activities, it will not be complete when students have no experiences in being volunteer of service-related activities. Each campus must have this kind of activities and students are invited to join. This can be a good way to build empathy and compassion toward other people who are unlucky and the social services can also be good way to get some good friends. Of course, usually people joining this activity are good persons, so it is not a bad choice to join the social services. Being volunteer can be good option to maintain social aspect.