It is always interesting to join many activities in the campus. As university students, it is no longer the moment when they will go back home after they finish their class. They will not directly go home, but they will attend and join some extracurricular activities and these are important for the students. These are not only for fun, but they will need experiences from the activities in the future when they have been in the working environment. That is why campuses also provide various activities and organizations for students, so they can also develop other aspect of life and it is not limited to the aspect of academic.

There are many aspects of life to develop and social aspect is one of them. This is not only about how they make friends. It is also about how to manage relationship and solve many kinds of problems in the relationship. In this case, student government can be good organization to choose. This organization has responsibility to organize and govern other students, including the activities and relationship with the university government. These can be a good way to improve social aspect of life. Students can learn about communication and delivery of ideas. They can also face many kinds of problems and try to solve them.

Leadership and managements can also be learnt from this organization. Moreover, there is such kind of prestige for students who can take part in the student government since this is like the elite organization in university.
Then, there are also various activities to join. Students can involve or take part in these activities.

For students who are interested in culture, they can take part in cultural activities or communities. These can be good place to learn about diversity in cultural and racial background, so people can open up their mind about the diversity that exist in the society. Then, there are also activities of social services. These can be useful activity to grow awareness and respects for others. Compassion and empathy can also be improved.