Social life becomes one of the concerns in university level. Students in university level are no longer children or teenagers. They start to be mature in the way of thinking and feeling. That is why university is not only place to study many kinds of subjects and materials, but it is also place to become a better person in the future. That is why there are many activities and these are not only about the activities done in classroom. There are also some social activities for students in university levels. Even, most of the universities recommend and even make policy so students must take and join one of the activities. These are important to create balances among students, so they are not only about brain, but they also have heart.

There are many kinds of social activities found in university. It is because diversity in students’ background. It is very possible and common to see students coming from other countries when it is in the university or college level. Then, they can have many differences related to the culture, faiths and beliefs, and other aspect of life. That is why there are many kinds of social activities so people can know each other and there can be good interaction and communication. They can join some groups or communities of art, such as dancing clubs, singing or music clubs, theatre clubs, and many other clubs. There are also many sports included in the social activities since these can also be good means to create good relationship among students. that is also why campuses always have some courts or supporting facilities for sports since people love to play sports.

Then, joining site can be other alternative. It is very common to see and all of the universities always have student councils. This council consists of some students that represent other students and they have such kinds of responsibilities and rights to make certain decision. In this case, being part of the council may not be easy, but it is the great place for the social activities. The council consists of many students and even there are students from different faculties and program of study. With this, people can learn about leadership and how to be a good leader. At the same time, they also learn about how to work together with others and respect people with certain authorities. Communication, interaction, and organization are some points found in the student council.