Social life and social activities are necessary in university. That is why there are many kinds of activities to join and students can choose what they like. In this case, these can be so necessary since university students are not only for academic skills. They study in university to be better person and it is not only about their brain.

Their whole life must be better and that is why many activities are provided so students can learn about friendship, leadership, managements, and other things. In this case, joining art clubs can be one of them. When people have been so bored with academics, it is time to be free in expressing things through art. There are many kinds of art groups in university and music groups are some of them. There are also painting, dance group and other groups to join. Students can choose based on their preference.

Then, other groups are sport. Both men and women can join sport groups and there can be many choices of sports. There are basketball, football, soccer, and some athletic sports. These groups are great to get friends and make friendship. The group can also be good way to be free from the boredom of the academic things. They can do sports and make sweats, so both body and mind can be fully healthy. Moreover, it is normal to see people joining sport groups to make funs and friends, so it is fine if students are not perfect in certain sports. It is also place to learn.

Then, joining social activities as volunteer can also be good. There are many organizations in campus or outside the campus that provide access for students to be volunteer in many kinds of social services. This can be a good thing to do. This is great idea so students can also learn about compassion and empathy toward others. This is a good way to join. This can also be a good ways to make friends and surely, students can get many good friends from this activity.