Temple University as the Home of Black Students as the Home of Black Students – There were times when black students were considered as the second-class students. However, that is not something that you can find in Temple University, even until this time. Even though this university is like many other universities in United States, there is no gap between the white and black students in this university. As a matter of fact, there are quite a lot of times and era where black students tend to cover up many things inside the campus despite the fact that this campus is not a HBCU.

For your information, there are some HBCU or Historically Black Campuses and Universities in United States, but Temple University is not one of them. Even though, the number of black students and their competence as a student was something that helped the university to get a better rating. That is because there were times when the number of black students is reaching more than half of the students in this university. That is a great thing to have considering the fact that Temple University is not an HBCU.

To make it even better, those black students were doing quite well to prove that they are not the second-class students. There were some names that have helped the university to reach its glorious times. That is why you can expect that the councils and some other top leaders on this university have some respects to those black students. This is also one of those reasons why the equality is something that you can clearly see from this university. When a university can humbly welcomed all of the students despite of their color, then it is the home of all of the students, including the black students. It is because education is something meant for all of the people in the world, not for some specific people or groups.