The main important as a social worker is to give a meaningful contribution to the society. There are plenty of jobs in social work that can offer impressive compensation. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics ever says that a social work is the right place for those who are looking for well-paid. And, we have several job references in social work that may have a great paying for you. So, lets take a look below!

In this case, we have summarized jobs from lower to the higher paying in social work. First, Marriage and Family Therapist can be your place to gain a significant compensation. You can earn average salary up to $45 with 20% growth rate. This job position provides guidance to couples and families who deal with problems that affect their well-being and mental health. This job takes concern on serious clinical problems including marital problem, anxiety, depression, individual psychological problems, etc. Becoming Mental Health Counselor may be your dream job in social work. This job have a average salary up to $46.99 with 20% growth rate in the next decade. This jobs works to provide aim for those who have a mental illness. There are two main jobs there are some of mental health counselor helping for those who are in normal cognitive like divorce, physical illness, etc. and there are counselors who deal with serious mental illness such as bipolar disorder.

School Social Worker can be one of the right social works to work. This job aims to help students, parents, and school staffs understand needs that is for students to get their needs and rights in the school. The school social workers also have a job to find solution for social, behavioral, and emotional problems for students and their parents. Developing social skills for the students is also the main jobs for them. A great social skill helps the student to find right and positive solutions to their problems. As school social worker will earn at least $48.11 salary approximately. In addition, another job in social work that has a great salary is Hospice Care Social. This job aims to navigate the practical and emotional issues that raise during the end of life journey. Dying is not an easy task and hospice care social worker also provides advance directive to manage the funeral arrangement. Besides, they also focus on the needs of both each patient and families. Working as hospice social worker may earn average salary up yo $49.55.