Why Temple University Is A Good Choice For International Students – Most of the time, universities offer international admission. However, that doesn’t mean the community within the campus is inclusive. In most cases, there is only a small number of international students either because of the limitation within the campus or the lack of admission. Is inclusivity an issue for you? If that’s the case, you can choose Temple University!

• Big International Admission
First of all, if you want to get accepted to a university, it’s best to choose a place that has a big admission limit especially if you are enrolling outside of your country. Temple University is a perfect choice for those who want to study overseas as it accepts students from other countries too, the way allows online gambling players from everywhere to join.

The university has accepted international students from 130 countries, including Korea, Nigeria, Brazil, and many other countries worldwide. In total, there are more than 40.000 active undergraduate and graduate students from 400 different majors which as many. If you need help to find jobs, you can try contacting alumni since there are 320,000 alumni from Temple University worldwide.

• In-campus Programs
Have you ever live and/or study in the US? If the answer is no, you may have a difficult time blending on your own. You don’t have to worry, though – there are several programs you can join that will help you meet new friends from the US or even other countries.

If you join the International Affairs programs, there are programs such as cultural events, English training, counseling, and even assistance for legal documents and housing, for example. If you want to jump to the events on your own, you can also other in-campus events from clubs, majors, student organizations.

• Different Majors for Different People
Are you interested in several majors? If that’s the case, you totally would love visiting Temple University. After all, this university offers seventeen different majors, such as arts (architecture, pure arts, and media arts), business, pharmacy (medicine and podiatric), public health, service work, hospitality, and many others. All of these majors are open for people inside and outside the US to choose from. Thanks to the abundance of majors, Temple University became a versatile choice for everyone. Besides the regular programs, students can choose accelerated programs if they want to finish their studies faster.

It’s not just the abundance of international students – there are also in-campus programs that let the students blend with each other and create diversity. Plus, there are various major choices that made it an available choice for those who are aiming for different majors.